The online platform FACES consists of a photographic approach to human beings – seeking to highlight the uniqueness of individuals and the diversity of their faces, with live galleries encompassing human societies throughout the world.

The portraits – unmapped continents – are delivered to the eyes of viewers, motivating an adventure of exploration beyond the obvious image, with the ultimate goal of discovering what is called mental mood and the spirituality of the soul!

Following on from a successful international photographic competition in 2018, this year’s contest invites creative and eager photographers to portray faces aesthetically enhanced by the presence of the colour red / ginger.

The online platform FACES is owned by the non-profit organization European Animation Center, which for some time has been expanding its activities in the audiovisual field and art in general, organizing festivals and related artistic and educational activities from 2004 to the present.

Its main annual activities are the Athens AnimfestAnimation Marathon, Animart Greece, Athens Multimation and the Faces contests.

Over the years, art EAC has worked with a variety of Greek and international academic institutions, educational organizations, public associations and other similar cultural companies.

The central corporate website: art EAC

E-mail: info@ecaa.gr